At The LAB we add specialist knowledge to the traditional coaching process. We bring in our LAB team experts from fields including neuroscience, biochemistry, nutrition, and elite sport to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.
— Julie Cook CTI, Head of The Coaching Unit

We offer three types of coaching

1) Face-to-face coaching on The LAB terrace in the Sarrià district of Barcelona overlooking the city, 2) More active coaching while walking or running on the Carretera de les Aigües, the mountain path at the edge of the city, and 3) Remote coaching via Skype or telephone. 

Our coaching philosophy

We span the three business units at The LAB; healthLAB, designLAB and societyLAB to provide a truly holistic approach which moves from a deep understanding of the self to understanding your relationship with the world at large. Once we know and can manage ourselves, we take a look at others – social awareness and our relationships.  Looking at the big picture and our impact on society allows us to examine purpose in life.  It is ideological and practical at the same time.  We specifically focus on actions and really doing the things we want to get done. This philosophy is guided by the following principles: 

  • This is not about fixing – you are creative, resourceful and whole.

  • We have the questions. Only you have the answers.

  • We target making conscious, intentional and mindful choices.

  • Follow-through and implementation is key. We link choices to action.

  • All coaching relationships are strictly private and confidential.

Our Coaching Process

We start by taking a look at your needs and your levels of satisfaction in all areas of your life.  We typically include: friends & family, significant other, personal growth, fun & leisure, home environment, career, personal growth, career, money and (of course) health!  We will often use a tool, such as the wheel of life, to assess this and then the coaching process will focus on the areas of your life where you feel that improvements can or need to be made. Other tools such as design thinking and behavioural science allow us to gain insight into your present life and make changes that stick. 

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