We started delivering the Sustaining Executive Performance (SEP) program in 2009. At the beginning, no-one was really interested in the topic of health and wellbeing in business and it was slow progress. We stuck at it. We recorded the first eLearning course (in Spanish funnily enough) at the end of 2013 with the English version coming in 2014. 2015 saw the publication of the SEP book (in English) with the Spanish version of the book coming in 2016. 

Today in 2017 there is a growing realisation that health and wellbeing is a key component of any successful, sustainable business. The LAB remains at the forefront of this fast-moving field and we are delighted to announce that in the past month we have passed the 10,000 mark for participants in our face-to-face programs and another 10,000 via the online course.

To mark these milestones we're giving away free lifetime access to the eLearning course (English or Spanish) when you purchase the SEP book on Amazon. Just send us your receipt to: hola@thelabcn.com and we'll send you the details.

20,000 thank-you's from all The LAB team!