This is the final instalment in the Sustaining Executive Performance (SEP) series, the 5 element model that formed the basis of my first forays into executive health teaching and the SEP book. We've already looked at MOVERECOVERFOCUS and FUEL. Three factors came together in 2007 which led to the creation of SEP. First, I was inspired by the HBR Corporate Athlete article which convinced me I could use my sporting experience in my business career. I then found the excellent work by Michael and Juliette McGannon, principally at INSEAD, which showed me health could be a legitimate subject at a leading business school. The third factor was my environment at the time -- and the opportunity -- I was researching and teaching at IESE Business School...and the rest is history... 

For TRAIN I'll use the same format as for the previous four elements. A clip from the 2016 eLearning course followed by the Top 10 Takeaways, which are also the closing comments in the SEP Book chapter for that element.

Top Ten Takeaways: TRAIN

  1. Legitimize physical training as a key part of a professional life that has benefits beyond the physical. Make time for it.
  2. Do something you enjoy. Experiment. Involve a family member. Don’t make it another thing on your to-do list.
  3. Consider periodization and professional advice, more so if you have physical training or sports experience from an earlier stage in your life.
  4. Look for aerobic intensity in general. Welcome periods in your week where you have the experience of having difficulty holding a conversation or breathing.
  5. Try interval training. It’s excellent for health, fitness, mental clarity, relieving pressure, and time efficiency.
  6. Consider a physical training strategy for business travel that sets you apart from the “going to the hotel gym” crowd.
  7. Develop your core strength. Stand more. Try body weight exercises like squats and planks.
  8. Find out your own principal cycle time and design rituals that support it.
  9. Recognize the power of positive practice that can lead to performance and personal change in a relatively short time. Forget about “world-class” performance and 10,000 hours.
  10. Cultivate better body confidence or intelligence that will contribute to flow.